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Digital Telephone Exchange

The company is a provider of digital telecommunications switches. This collection in collaboration with one of the largest manufacturers of digital switch, KARA Telephone Company, the first provider of switches in north of Iraq (Kurdistan Region).

More than 50,000 (Fifty Thousand) number of such switches are installed by the zanyar. In this context we Cities Kalari, Darbandi Xan, Rania, Koya, Halabja and TaghTagh noted.

In addition to providing digital switch equipment, electronic Xaniar of solutions and equipment to complete Microwave communication routes between cities is discussed. In this context, the relation between more than 12 cities in northern Iraq have been established by this collection. Some of the contacts listed below:

  • Salahadin and Erbil
  • Zakho and Ibrahim Khalil
  • Sulaymaniyah and Kalar, DarbandiXan, Halabja, Ranya, Koya and Seyyed Sadeq

Mobile Network

Zanyar Electronics set of service provider equipment installation GSM, CDM and the WLL. In this regard, since 4500 the number WLL Installation Nmvh and also has a GSM network dedicated install and activate.


Internet Solutions